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Pressure Injuries

Despite the adoption of stringent turning protocols, advanced support surfaces and the best efforts of caregivers, HAPI's remain a significant and costly safety problem.

Annually, an average 160-bed hospital will incur $6,000,000 in losses, 911 days added to LOS and 16.4 deaths attributed to avoidable PIs. Wounds 2019; 31(5):123-126. 

Without an intervention that provides caregivers with both visual and evaluative feedback on the presence of pressure and the effectiveness of their actions to offload pressure, PI's will continue to negatively impact patient quality of life and create a substantial financial burden for the patient, family and healthcare system. 

Human Toll

60% of patients with pressure injuries

are more likely to die within 1 year of discharge.​

8-12% of all hospitalized ICU patients develop pressure injuries.​

60,000 deaths are due to complications from pressure injuries.​

33% more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. ​

Financial Burden

$11,000,000,000 Estimated cost to the national healthcare system​

  $250,000 Avg. lawsuit settlement​

$129,248 Estimated cost to heal a Stage IV hospital-acquired pressure injury

1% Penalty for never events ​
2% Penalty for readmissions