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Pressure Injuries

Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers/Injuries (HAPU/I) have been classified by CMS as a preventable condition. Yet, each year in the U.S., nearly 2.5 million people will develop a HAPU/I. An estimated 60,000 of them will die as a direct result - with the remainder left to suffer.

Despite the adoption of stringent turning protocols, specialty sleep surfaces and the best efforts of caregivers, HAPU/I's remain a significant safety problem. Without a new intervention that allows caregivers to see pressure, HAPU/I's will continue to negatively impact patient quality of life and create a substantial financial burden for the patient, family and healthcare system.

Human Toll

60% of patients with pressure injuries are more likely to die within 1 year of discharge.​

8-12% of all hospitalized ICU patients develop pressure injuries.​

60,000 deaths are due to complications from pressure injuries.​

33% more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. ​

Financial Burden

$11,000,000,000 Estimated cost to the national healthcare system​

  $250,000 Avg. lawsuit settlement​

$129,248 Stage IV HAPU treatment cost​

1% Penalty for never events ​
2% Penalty for readmissions