Wellsense VŪ lets you see pressure and prevent pressure injuries

Our clinically validated system is utilized by over 25 leading hospitals in the US – delivering unparalleled pressure injury prevention in every critical care environment.


The Pressure Injury


60,000 deaths each year. Billions of dollars lost by hospitals.

Learn why existing practices don’t prevent pressure injuries.

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Wellsense vŪ

The Wellsense vŪ


Learn how our clinically proven VŪ System helps prevent pressure injuries.

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Wellsense Monitor
Wellsense Pressure Sensing Mat and Monitor

How VŪ works

Clinical evidence shows that Wellsense VŪ technology significantly reduces pressure injury risk, improving patient safety & lowering hospital costs.

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Your Wellsense vŪ

Return on investment

When a hospital reduces pressure injuries, they save money—and save lives. Wellsense VŪ’s proven return on investment means we can help you do both.

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