The Solution to Pressure Injuries Wellsense VŪ’s exclusive technology.

The VŪ Advanced Pressure Visualization System is your organization’s solution to the devastating consequences of pressure injuries. Developed with input from hundreds of nurses, the VŪ System’s exclusive features enable caregivers to successfully offload pressure, preventing injuries that often result in longer hospital stays and significant costs.

VŪ’s Smart MatrixTM Pressure Sensing Mat is easily positioned beneath virtually any type of bed to give caregivers invaluable data on their patients’ pressure points. This mat detects and analyzes interface pressure two times per second, and submits this data to the bedside VŪ Monitor, where it is easily accessible to caregivers.

Exclusive Features of the Wellsense Vu System

Clinical Solution

Only VŪ fights pressure injuries with:

  • Live View specifically calibrated to patient weight and bed brand/model
  • Dashboard displaying patient’s historical pressure data
  • Reposition AssistTM , an onboard instructional tool that trains nurses in successful repositioning
  • Evaluative feedback, data and alerts to help improve clinician effectiveness and efficiency
  • Detailed reports that allow clinicians to assess goals and improve performance 
  • Customizable features and settings to enhance patient-specific care ​
  • A patient educational video, which helps inform and engage patients and their loved ones, and even allows them to participate in preventing pressure injuries
VŪ Works: See the Clinical Evidence

Three Part Solution

Interactive Monitor

  • See location and measure of pressure
  • Helps maintain your customized reposition schedule
  • Provides recent pressure history to avoid placing patient in previous position
  • Delivers on-board training to ensure that patient is left under low pressure
Smart-Matrix Mat

Smart-Matrix Mat

  • Detects and analyzes interface pressure & transmits data to monitor
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Compatible with virtually all support surfaces
  • Can be cleaned with any hospital approved cleaning agent
VŪ Remote Patient Monitor

VŪ Remote Patient Monitor

  • Convenient access to information for enhanced care and improved clinical workflow
  • Instantly see if there is high pressure
  • Know when the patient needs to be repositioned
  • Get notified you when specific action/s need to be taken

Healthier Patients. Healthier finances.

Financial Solution

Because pressure injuries can lead to longer hospital stays, complications, and even death, the value of a solution to pressure injuries is tremendous, both in human and financial terms. Wellsense VŪ has brought that value to numerous hospitals and health systems across the U.S.

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