VŪ nurse testimonials:
Real users give you their view.

Statistics and case studies can give you the data on Wellsense VŪ’s effectiveness, but what do real, everyday users of the system think? These VŪ testimonials from clinicians tell the story.

Of all the changes we implemented to reduce our HAPI numbers, the Wellsense product was the most impactful.

UNC Health – SICU

These are a no-brainer. Why aren’t these on all the beds?

UCI Health

Since utilizing the VU, turning is now more intentional. We used to just go in and turn and that was it. Now I can see what I need to do. I may need to offload that opposite hip with an extra pillow, I never used to do that.

UNC Chapel Hill

I am definitely more aware of the bed functions and how the bed can play a role in pressure redistribution. I am always adjusting the Patient Comfort settings and ensuring that the air bladders are working properly.

UNC Hillsborough

I pay attention to the inflation settings now. Whenever we finish turning a patient and I still see high pressure; I can change the settings and reduce the pressure.


Having this technology and ability to see the pressure is amazing. I make sure to flip the screen to see what I am doing. I love the VU and think it is a privilege to have this technology.


I really enjoy having the visual for my patient’s when turning. It makes my job easier when I can see where the offloading devices need to be placed and how it helps to relieve high pressure. It is particularly helpful when I have a larger patient. I can actually see when I need to use a wedge or beanbag vs. a pillow.


I am able to see how effective the offloading devices I have under my patient are and if I need to use a different device or adjust the placement of the device.


I never thought to microshift until I saw the difference on the VŪ, now I do it with every patient.

RN BHSF Doctors

Seeing a patient’s heels on the VŪ live image, has been great. Before the VŪ you walked past a room and didn’t know their heels under the blanket were touching the support surface. Now I know and can fix it.

BHSF Bethesda West

Now that I have the VŪ I know if there is high pressure while repositioning some patients, and I will place an additional pillow to relieve that pressure. Before the VŪ I did not know.

RN BHSF Boca Raton Regional