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VŪ is the world’s first and only Advanced Pressure Visualization System™ (APVS).  

The system was developed in conjunction with hundreds of nurses, over tens of thousands of hours, in order to establish - from the actual Users - what features are needed in order to prevent pressure injuries.

With the VU System’s exclusive features caregivers are able to successfully offload pressure, allowing them to leave their patient’s bedside with the certainty that pressure injuries will not develop.  Exclusive features include:

  • Live view calibrated to the individual patient weight and actual bed brand/model

  • Patient dashboard displaying patients historical pressure data; without which an effective reposition cannot be completed

  • Reposition Assist™ on-board instructional tool that trains nurses in successful repositioning

  • Evaluative feedback, data and alerts (visual and/or audible) help improve clinician effectiveness and efficiency

  • Detailed reports allow clinicians to assess goals and improve performance

  • Customizable features and settings enhance patient-specific care ​

  • Patient View mode helps educate and engage patients and their loved ones; allowing them to participate in preventing pressure injuries

VU System Image pt transparent bed.png

Virtually all support surfaces (air, foam, air-foam combination & FIS) are compatible with the VU system.


  • Pressure Injury risk​

  • Significant costs associated with PIs​ 

  • Lengthy hospital stays​

  • Home and/or office visits


  • Patient safety​

  • Quality of care​

  • Standard of care​

  • Timely access to healthcare​

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